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Madison Iiams

Madison Iiams, Co-Founder and CFO, is a Certified Change Practitioner, Certified Personal Organizer, Certified Enneagram Coach, and a current graduate student for Counseling. Madison is dedicated to creating a space that offers quality personalized solutions no matter where you are in life. Her career working with people at small and large companies gives her the ability to navigate extreme scales of change and solutions.

Ashley Cerda – PhD, LPC-S, LADAC

Ashley, Co-Founder and CEO, has worked in substance abuse and mental health treatment for over a decade. She has passionately trained and developed specialties in addictions, eating disorders, trauma-focused cognitive behavioral therapy, and now hypnotherapy. Ashley enjoys the process of working with her clients to develop positive changes in their world. Ashley believes in the power of the connection between a therapist and their client and how that positive relationship can impact change.

Elly Glenn-Westhoff – LAC

Elly works with her clients to ease life’s decision-making process by assisting clients in introspection, self-care, and bettering their self-understanding. Elly specializes in empowering women of any age, especially mothers dealing with natal anxieties or pre- or postpartum depression. Beyond this, she is also skilled in assisting with grief, stress, codependency, peer relationships, sexual abuse, divorce, and mental health.

Katheryne Riffle

Collecting the dots. Then connecting them. And then sharing the connections with those around you. This is how a creative human works. Collecting, connecting, and sharing”-Amanda Palmer

I believe art therapy has the power to do this. It has a way of bringing forth our underlying thoughts, memories, feelings, and transforming them into something new.

I am a Licensed Professional Counselor and Registered Art Therapist. I earned my bachelor’s degree in Studio Art from SUNY Oswego, and my master’s from Springfield College in Art Therapy and Counseling. I take a creative and humanistic approach with my clients. I am always eager to learn and willing to explore new interventions and modalities to best serve my clients. I have worked with children, adolescents, adults, and elders focusing on issues such as anxiety, depression, self-esteem, social emotional skills, disruptive behaviors, stressors related to stages of life, and trauma.

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