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Curated Health


We believe in thinking differently about mental health. By curating unique plans for each client, we help empower individuals to take the lead on their journey to mental health.

The Curated Health Vision

We believe mental health can thrive when individuals are in a safe space that allows them to take steps forward and actively participate in the healing process. We want to fill a gap in the community of quality, consistent, progressive mental healthcare.
We are building a sanctuary where therapists have the autonomy to curate care for each client, ensuring the best path forward on their journey for mental health.

Our Mission

To provide a personalized therapeutic experience that helps people grow and love with their best and most curated health in mind.


You are welcome here, just as you are.


We care deeply for our community.


We are not the only solution, and we pledge to help you find the right one.


We always root for your success and strive to create your best health plan.


We are here for you when you’re ready.

Talk Therapy

Talk therapy or psychotherapy is the treatment of mental health, emotional, personality, and behavioral health and disorders through the use of discussion, listening, and counseling. Psychotherapy helps the client to eliminate or control troubling symptoms of mental or emotional difficulties enabling the individual to highly function in their day-to-day life.


Hypnotherapy is the process of psychotherapy while the client is in a hypnotic altered state of consciousness (think of a meditative state).  Hypnosis works by giving suggestions in the altered trance state. Hypnotherapy works by resolving inner conflicts and dissolving inner trauma, developing transformation for the client. When a good trance state is entered, many years worth of therapy can be accessed in a singular session for the client.

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Curated Health